At Birthday Digital Diary we specialize in delivering reliable Automatic Birthday SMS and Informational Bulk SMS

Automatic Birthday SMS

Birthday Digital Diary specializes in delivering automated birthday messages via SMS, ensuring your contacts or loved ones receive your heartfelt wishes exactly on their birthday.
Sign up today, and we'll allocate 100 free SMS credits to your account, ensuring your personalized birthday messages are automatically delivered to your contacts or loved ones exactly on their special day.

1. Compose Your Message

Our software will allow you to compose your personalized birthday message that will be automatically delivered to your contacts exactly on their birthday, ensuring you never miss a special moment!

2. Upload Your Loved Ones' Details

Simply login to your account and upload only the day & month of birth, cellphone number, name & surname of your contacts or loved ones, and we'll handle the rest to ensure they receive warm birthday wishes.

30% Cash Back !

Enjoy a 30% cash back deposited into your gift card, allowing your loved ones to shop online, instore, or even withdraw cash at the ATM.